Inn Apartment - GONGGUAN #1


No. 188, Sec. 3, Tingzhou Rd., Zhongzheng Dist., Taipei City, Taiwan (R.O.C.) -

Available 2024-04-25

【Apartment Basic Information】


● Apartment Type: Elevator Apartment - Shared Suite


● Maximum Occupancy: 2 people (Additional fees apply per person for more than 2 people)


● Room Size: 4 ping (approximately 13.2 square meters)


● Room Windows: Yes (External Windows)


● Apartment Floors: 2nd and 3rd floors


● Elevator: Available


● Transportation Information: Near MRT Gongguan Station


● Pet Policy: No pets allowed (except for cats)


● Lease Term: Up to 1 year



【Room Facilities】


● 'Provided': Refrigerator, Washing Machine (Shared), TV, Air Conditioning, Water Heater, Bed, Wardrobe, Cable TV, Internet, Table and Chairs, Elevator


● 'Not Provided': Parking Space, Natural Gas, Balcony, Sofa



【Rental Related Costs】


● Short-term Deposit: One month's rent (for leases of 1-4 months).


● Long-term Deposit: Two months' rent (for leases of more than 4 months).


● Pet Deposit: If you have a cat, an additional NT$5,000 will be charged as a pet deposit.


● Electricity Fee: Summer (June to September) is NT$6.4 per kWh, and other months are NT$5 per kWh.


● Water Fee: Included in the rent.


● Cable TV Fee: Included in the rent.


● Wireless Internet Fee: Included in the rent.


● Management Fee: Included in the rent. For leases of 9 months or more, an additional internal management fee of NT$150 per month will be charged.


● Other Energy Costs: None



【Standard Plan】


● Rent price includes: Water, Internet, Cable TV.


● Room facilities provided: Basic furniture, household appliances.


● Beddings (pillows, blankets), and personal necessities need to be prepared by tenants, but beddings can be added as a value-added service by contacting the customer service before making a reservation.


● Cleaning service is not provided during the lease period. Tenants are responsible for maintaining the room's quality. However, one-time value-added service for cleaning is available.


Note: Room decorations are for creating a rental atmosphere and are not included in the actual rental. The actual room condition is as shown and does not include decorations.

Guest Laundry
Free WiFi
Room Service
Non-Smoking Rooms
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  • 【Rental Related Fees】
  • Deposit:
  • Included in the rent:

As stated in the rental agreement.
life covenant
1.After 10 PM, please refrain from making loud noises, lower your voice, and tread lightly when entering or exiting.
2.It is prohibited to stack personal items, trash, shoes, or anything else in common areas, hallways, entrances, and the rooftop, as this may affect fire safety.
3.Please sort and package your garbage and place it in the designated area on garbage collection days to prevent the proliferation of cockroaches and rodents.
4.For the safety of other residents, if you plan to have friends stay overnight, please notify the management company in advance.
5.Keep common areas clean.
6.When using the washing machine, do not leave clothes in it for an extended period to ensure the rights of other tenants.
7.Public washing machines and dryers may be used between 8:00 AM and 10:00 PM.
8.When using the kitchen sink, water dispenser, or other public facilities, please clean the countertops and keep the floor clean.
9.Do not use gas products inside the rooms to prevent gas leaks or explosions, which could pose a public danger.
10.When using electric heating appliances, be mindful of the amperage to avoid tripping the circuit.
11.When entering or leaving, make sure the main door is closed to ensure environmental safety.
12.Tenants are prohibited from installing their own cables or network wires. If additional installations are needed, please communicate with the management company to obtain permission.
13.Do not flush any items, including toilet paper, down the toilet. If blockages occur due to improper use, the tenant will be responsible for the repair costs.
14.Pets are prohibited (except for those who have signed a pet agreement).
15.Smoking is strictly prohibited.
16.In case of violations of the terms of this code of conduct, the landlord (party A) has the right to terminate the lease agreement at any time to protect the rights of all residents.

【Monthly Rental Cancellation Policy】


The payment of the deposit indicates your acceptance of InnApartment's refund policy:


1. Cancellation requested 30 days before the rental start date: 50% of the deposit will be refunded.


2. Cancellation requested 16 days before the rental start date: 25% of the deposit will be refunded.


3. Cancellation requested 8 days before the rental start date: 10% of the deposit will be refunded.


4. Cancellation requested within 7 days of the rental start date: No refund will be provided.


5. Changes to the check-in date cannot be made within 30 days prior to the check-in date.


No. 188, Sec. 3, Tingzhou Rd., Zhongzheng Dist., Taipei City, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
TWD 25,500 up/month


TWD 25,500 up/month