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Magong City,Penghu

Parking Balcony Free WiFi Air-Conditioning Refrigerator TV Wardrobe or Closet
TWD 54,000 up/month

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Short-term Rentals of Penghu FAQs

What are the types of short-term rentals?
There are s, Hotels, Serviced s and Hostels.
Which short-term rentals in Penghu offer special deals?
福星民宿 are some of Short-term Rentals in Penghu with special deals.
What are the facilities for short-term rentals in Penghu
Most short-term rentals in Penghu offer WIFI, guest laundry or laundry delivery service; some of short-term rentals are equipped with parking and kitchen facilities.
How much is a short-term rental for a month in Penghu?
The average special deal for a one-month Short-term Rental in Penghu is TWD 54,000 / per month.
How can I reserve a short-term rental?
You can contact the short-term rental directly for reservation or viewing by the contact information left on the platform.
Which short-term rentals are recommended in Penghu?
These short-term rentals in Penghu are ecommended: 福星民宿 .